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Sep 9, 2009
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Free Rent ,VA
I try to look out for my animals and make sure they have the best care that I can possibly give them. It has been really cold so I have been placing a heat lamp in my chicken coop which is 4x8x4 with no issues however came out and seen what appeared to be steam but when I got closer it was smoke. I let the chickens out who seemed to be extremely glad and looked and the adjustable clamp that mounts to light fixture appears that the chickens decided to roost on it o jump on it and it fell down into the pine shavings and was burning. it smoked up the light covered and burnt some pine luckily no fire. I put a screw through the light cover and mounted it to a 2x4 so it couldn't get knocked down. Just throwing it out there so others may avoid a catastrophe. Just today in the news in my county a family put a heat lamp out for their dog on there porch it fell down or was knocked over and burnt there house up.. Its that time of year... Be careful.
Nice save sky!

We have a heat lamp out in the "shop" for the old Pyrenees, if she so chooses, only when gets like it has the last few nights. It is clamped and tied in place.

Husband and I are very conscious of fire hazards. When my husband was a child the family ranch burned down. When I was a kid, we had a house fire, the house was saved, but it was terrifying.
My uncle had the same thing happen, but everyone was at work. It burnt and almost caught his house on fire it melted the siding off and charred some of the osb.
my chicks and ducks are running around outside the house in negative weather and do just fine. they gather under pine trees for the night

i try to avoid any heat/electric if possible!
I never use a heat lamp around anything but metal or concrete/bricks. They get really hot and are super dangerous. Another thing that scares me is Christmas lights. They are made cheap and notorious for shorting out and catching fire. I never leave home or go to bed without unplugging them. Glad you caught it in time.
Glad you averted a disaster. Like Fence, I am paranoid about fire. The home place where I grew up was over 100 years old. It was heated by two huge standing wood stoves. One night the flue caught fire. I remember that night like it was yesterday.
6 months after I got married our house caught on fire. We were lucky to get out, wiring in the attic shorted out. I was asleep in tje recliner wife just happen to wake me up to go to bed then she noticed the flames outside the house coming out of the side of the house. Roof fell on the recliner I was in as i was running out. Smoked detectors didn't do any good bc it was all in the attic and the smoke wasn't coming down in the house.
Moral of the story smoke detectors need to be in the attic as well as the rest of the house

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