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Oct 12, 2009
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Molino Florida
The grand girls want GG to pick them a fall heifer to break and show. A month ago I picked two that I really liked but one is a Charlo and their daddy has concerns about his 9 year old being able to control a Charlo. So I picked another but went back to go through them again about two weeks ago and changed my mind again. So tomorrow we’re working the group and I’m suppose to pull the two calves. Heck I still can’t decide I now have it down to three.E86AB689-8A98-412D-8B2F-EF230F5B9A88.jpegThe heifer out front is a Renown out of a 6149 x 0524 daughter. The 2038 calf is out our SAV Abigale 913 x Rainfall then pick number 3 is 20390D5C3358-0D39-420B-B2E4-205E979E1021.jpegyou can’t tell much from this picture but she is a flush sister to the 2038 heifer, and my number one pick. She is actually one I picked a month ago so I haven’t wavered on her.
I know this isn’t a heifer but couldn’t resist taking the picture. He is a Charlo out of our now deceased donor SAV Blackcap May 0524 he is gonna need a wide load sign! I may end up keeping this one to use for a year or two I flushed his dam 4 times to Charlo it was a never miss mating. I have not kept a bull but have several full sisters that are mighty sporty.

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