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Feb 16, 2007
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eastern sd
i was reading a worldwide cattle report and it said the cow numbers are way down worldwide,the author of the report said to keep culls over if you have feed for them,he was predicting $70 cows about april -may, which in the state the economy is in most people that will be able to afford meat will buy hamburger?? seems sensible to me,also on another note should we be buying replacements now?if culls go up the breds will follow, just wondering what the opinions are
I agree, but you might see cows a lot higher much sooner. I think maybe by Feb 1st.

As for replacements, this past summer when cows got pretty high many cow/calf pairs were split because they were worth more by the pound. Could happen very easily again. Pretty good replacements are fairly cheap so if you have feed I think it will work.

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