Creep feed vs Calf grower

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Dec 17, 2019
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N. Central boonies, Oklahoma
Ok so, my lil bottle heifer has been on creep and hay for a couple months now. No milk.
What I'm wondering is this...
The creep feed is 14% pellets
The calf grower is 12% textured. Like a sweet feed with other stuff in it I guess. Grains and such.

I think im decieved by the word GROWER in calf grower.
That's exactly what I want her to do is grow.
So what I've started doing is giving her half grower and half creep. 1 and a 1/2 pounds each. For about 3 pounds total. Twice a day. So 6 pounds daily.

Shes doing well enough I guess. But what would u guys do? Is the grower really going to make her grow any better than the creep? I know they both have a place but I guess I dont have enough information to make a decision as to which would be best...

And just because I like pictures...
Shes on the right. Twin sis on left.
Murray, i think that's a good question. wondered myself about the two feeds which i have fed. the textured feed sometimes has bugs in the summer and in the winter gets hard and has to be broke up. the pellets are easier to feed for us.

hopefully someone will chime in with some good advice.
Textured stuff with molasses is just to get them started quicker on dry feed. It absorbs moisture easily, and spoils easily, and usually costs more. So switch to pellets or a ground grain mix as soon as you can.

In a perfect world - - you would test your hay to formulate a supplement that would allow you to hit the targeted average daily gain.
They sell 2 types here......starter....and grower.....

Both are pellets....

18% protien for starter....16 for grower....

So I just give them starter....or if out of stock....grower....
So the protein content concerns me as well.
One would think the higher protein feeds would make em grow better as well. I'm gonna stick with the dry feed from here out after this stuff is fed out.
Am I gonna do any harm feeding a bit more than recommended?
I guess I domt know what I want my ADG to be. Just want to make sure shes got plenty and grows good and healthy. Seems to be doing ok, but I'd like to see her fatter i guess.
I checked packets....

Starter is..... 20% protein and 12Mj energy

Grower is 18% protein and 12Mj energy

To put on weight you need energy in that range or above, prob do not need 20% protein, milk is about 18 from memory.....

Will see if I can PM the info, anyway, till about the same age as they would naturally wean is when I would be using higher protein.....
Her sister will be weaned end of the month.
Wonder if I can cut the feed down at that time?
I mean I'm not gonna go broke feeding her, so I'll probly keep on for some time.
They will be 6 months old mid February
Bought a couple things today.
The starter is a new one to me. Gonna try it out. Right now I got these 2 on 14% hi grain sweet feed. Textured I guess they call it.

The grower I got today is textured as well. They were OUT of hi grain sweet feed. This was the closest they had.
Went to a different store and found this.
This is the one that intrigued me. I think this is what I've been wanting all along.
Just curious as to why creep feed versus just wean and put on grow rations? Not saying right or wrong just not something cattle folks around my neck of the woods do.
There for a long time, I could not find anything labeled calf starter.
Calf grower, creep, sweet feed etc was it.
This is for young bottle calves. Like 2 months just weaning off of milk.

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