cotton seed??

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> Can anyone tell me if cooton seed
> can cause a bull to become
> sterile?? I was told by my
> neighbor that it can cause it?

Yes, it can -- if fed in excessive amounts. I don't believe that there is universal agreement as to whether the sterility is temporary or permanent, but I believe all the research indicates that it is potentially far more damaging to young developing bulls than to older bulls. The problem is the substance "gossypol" in the cottonseed. There are numerous articles and papers on the subject. If you want to learn about more of the details concerning this issue I'd suggest going to <A HREF="" TARGET="_blank"></A> and typing in something like "feeding cottonseed to cattle" or "gossypol" or "gossypol poisoning in cattle"

During some winters I feed whole cottonseed to my cows, but I always put the bull in a pen by himself and give him range cubes while the cows eat the cottonseed.