Contest - "Wheels"

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Jul 11, 2009
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South Africa
Wheels are not limited to cars...anything that moves or operates on/with wheels is fair game ;-)

You have time to submit your entry up until 22 March, the voting poll will be held from 23 - 31 March. All entries to be submitted via personal message to myself, alisonb. The winner will be announced on 1 April. Pic dimensions should be 640 x 480 pix(or close to that) so please resize before submitting.
Not at all...could be a flywheel, potter's wheel, steering wheel, mill wheel...any wheel :D
That loos like a nice trailer.. I just have a slide-in rack for my car trailer... works alright, just try and avoid the bad weather
i got in a deal I couldn't refuse..wasn't gonna but I traded my smaller trlr and a cpl steers for it. added so much value to the steers vs sellin them I had to...well use it day tripping with the quads too instead of the camper
I built mine to be versatile... I made the pipe rack for it about 5 years ago, knowing that *someday* I was going to need it... Finally I put it to the test last fall, worked great

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