Contest - 'Rocks'

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Jul 11, 2009
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South Africa
Pics of stones, rocks, pebbles, cliffs or any other amazing rock formation may be entered :D .

You have time to submit your entry up until 24 Jan, the voting poll will be held from 25 - 31 Jan. All entries to be submitted via personal message to myself, alisonb. The winner will be announced on 1 Feb. Pic dimensions should be 640 x 480 pix(or close to that) so please resize before submitting.
Caustic Burno":1n7gpkwq said:
Guess this leaves GB and me out if a rock is here somebody hauled it in.

Post a pic of a good pine knot CB....they won't know the difference and they're hard as rocks anyway.
M-5":uaovqbg8 said:
A selfie from you two would qualify

:lol: beat me to it! CB and GB, can't believe you can't find a rock in your area.

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