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Jul 11, 2009
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South Africa
Our next contest, thanks for the suggestion Alan...hope you are going to enter ;-)

Alan":1hrsedmm said:
How about a pic of your homemade breakfast plate...before you eat it! Lol

The deadline for entries ends on 22 Aug 2018 24h00, the voting poll will be held from 23 - 31 Aug. All entries to be submitted via personal message to alisonb. The winner will be announced on 1 September.

Happy cooking :D
TCRanch":3fx6f9lf said:
greybeard":3fx6f9lf said:
TCRanch":3fx6f9lf said:
Homemade breakfast? Yeah, I'm out.
Me too unless instant oatmeal or a bowl of raisin bran counts.
Peanut butter on a cinnamon raisin or blueberry bagel. That counts as fruit, right?

Absolutely. Just like one of my coworkers who was told to eat oatmeal to help with his cholesterol. He did that for a week or two, then switched to oatmeal cookies.
I cook breakfast on my days off since I have time.
This is my favorite.
Toast, sausage, eggs, covered with gravy and a tomato and avocado
Think as long as the breakfast is made(prepared) at it bacon & eggs, a bagel smeared full of peanut butter or oats in a bowl and is not a take away you are good to enter ;-)

Looks tasty Cross :D
Trying to figure out how I can squeeze in an American flag, small child, old man, cute puppy, and a Trump bumper sticker into the pic and still capture the texture of the fried potatoes, onions and green peppers. I don't really care if I win or not though. ;-)

This is what I have so far: an American flag themed tablecloth covers a table where a plump little grandpa wears his brand new MAGA T-shirt as he attempts to feed a bite of potato to his chubby cheeked grandbaby, who happens to be wearing a "Don't Mess with Texas" onesie. Incidentally, the plate on the table has a couple eggs, taters and a couple sausage patties...and a jalapeno!
greybeard":1ryg8pgf said:
Remember, a kitten trying to get to the grand baby's milk cup would work almost as good as a puppy...
Ahhh....NOT! :). No way, no how. Nope. Forget about it.
It's weekend and a fine time to take a pic of your breakfast and enter our contest. Time is running out and only two entries have been recieved so far :eek:

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