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Ol 243 We are on the GA/Al state line. We have had rain almost every day for 3 weeks. Weather forecast shows more rain for 5 of the next 6 days. Don't need more rain. Need sun for a week. Too many guys here already lost their hay crop. Hay prices will go back up to $70 to $75 a bale like last year after drought. If you can find it... Lord I appreciate the rain, now please send us a couple weeks of sun.
Yep. I got all my stuff tied down and buttoned up yesterday. Its the wind that will get me. Glad to get some rain. We are forecasted 2" to 4" tomorrow. Looks like the heavy stuff is in Louisiana and further east.
Our Emergency Response notification came out around 11:30 today telling us we need not prepare. Worst case is around 1 inch in our eastern counties.

My concern is friends and family down in the path. Ya'll take care and button down everything. Fuel, water, and food. far east for me to be concerned....but I'll keep an eye out to see how bad they miss the predictions. Actually wouldn't mind if we got a little rain.
Caustic Burno":3g67pjf2 said:
They got us getting about 4 inches of rain. We are soaked still here got the tractor stuck Monday in the back pasture
Dang CB.......again?...... :D
Nothing heavy, but it's been raining here since about 8pm (Wed).
No wind to speak of.
My biggest concern is local flooding on the river and as always, tree limbs on powerlines.
Except for a couple inches of rain, it was a non-event here.

We shoulda come up with some catchy phrase for it, like they did with SUPERSTORMSandy.
Oh well...maybe next time..
I used the rain delay to put a shelving unit in my tractor shed. Also welded a rack to hold chains, top links, sway bars etc.
greybeard":f64f46jh said:
Bigfoot, did you misplace your level?


Kept gettin worse the higher we went. By the time we hung the shelf above that, I could barely reach. We had to eyeball it.

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