case ih 4210

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Nov 21, 2015
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west central wi
Just found a case 4210 for sale in my area. Seems like a pretty decent deal, 4wd, loader, cab, and 3500 hours for $26500. I know there was a post on here before about them, and the poster was not terribly impressed with it. I guess I'm wondering if anyone has anymore experience with them good or bad.
What transmission is in it? 8F/4R, 16F/8R, or 8F/8R with shuttle?

They have a lot in common with the older 685/695 generation of tractors but with a nice cab and iirc a 3.9l cummins motor. As with any of the Doncaster, England built case tractors they are prone to electrical gremlins.

Even if it has the shuttle reverser you still need to use the clutch to shift. If you do lots of loader work be prepared to replace the clutch and also keep an eye on the front king pins and wheel bearings.

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