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Jul 17, 2006
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South Georgia
I'm not too worldly so I have never heard of this dish. Made some this weekend and it was delicious. Ever had it?

Jo, did it look sorta like this? Yeah, I just ate one. Excelente grande!
That looks good! I want the recipe. I borrowed this pic from the recipe I used. Mine wasn't as pretty but it sure was good and it looked something like this.

Jogeephus":3qgoz5sn said:
I'm not too worldly so I have never heard of this dish. Made some this weekend and it was delicious. Ever had it?
Your far enough south but not far enough west. :p

Call em tacos here. But then, anything wrapped in a tortilla, flour or corn, is called a taco-----------unless it is a burrito. :???:
I don't know. I just followed a recipe that said it was a carnita. It was seasoned pork cut up in pieces. Lots of garlic, pepper, oregano, cummin and pepper. It seasoned the meat really well but it was not as strong as I thought it would be. Very tender.

They did say the carnita could be used in a variety of ways. I wrapped it in soft taco. It was really good. Almost as good as a gyro but I don't know how to make these only had them in Chicago. Breakfast, lunch and supper. :p
Jo, I often cook only for myself and I specialize in things that take less than 5 minutes to fix. The way I made that sandwich is I just coarsely chopped up some green onions, peppers, and tomatoes, sliced a couple pieces off a loaf of sourdough bread(normally I would have used a tortilla, but the sourdough was getting old) and put it all on the griddle. Splashed a little olive oil on it. Turned up the griddle as high as it would go (420degF). Put a little salt and pepper on the tomatoes.Went out to the garden and pulled some cilantro leaves. Came back in, turned over the bread and spread some of that Gordo's mexican style cheese dip that comes in the tub on the top side and stirred the vegetables around on the griddle. Threw a couple or three pieces of Sara Lee thin sliced roast beef on the griddle. After about another minute, I put it all together. Didn't grill the cilantro. That goes on last. If I'd had a lime handy, I would have squeezed it on there. Very good.

I love Mexican food. Those carnitas look and sound good. Yeah, I love those gyros too. I tried making gyros at home without much success. It's hard to get the kind of decent greek condiments needed to make gyros around here. I often eat at Nickapopalouse's Greek restaurant every time I'm in Macon. Always get the gyro. :D
I'll have to try that. It does look good. I'll have to not be as liberal with the cilantro though.

I was really impressed how the spices blended together to give a really unique and rich taste. The mexican restaurants around here don't serve anything like this. I'm thinking there is a lot more recipes like this that I need to explore.
ga. prime":1x2mgf67 said:
Jogeephus":1x2mgf67 said:
I'll have to not be as liberal with the cilantro though

You might not want to be as liberal with the serrano chilis either. They pack some fire.

I'll have to give them a try in my Dragon's Eggs recipe. :nod:

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