Can cows have used coffee grounds?

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I don't think a little will hurt, but why not just compost it. It won't have much nutritional value but when composted it can do wonders for the soil.
oh I didn't even think about composting! I'm staring a garden this spring too so I'll do that! Thanks for the idea haha
We used them in the TMR one year. From what I understand they are generally pretty beneficial health wise in low concentrations, but don't have much feed value.
I don't see the purpose in trying to feed coffee grounds to cattle. They are good fertilizer for things like roses, I think it is the acidic loving plants. Also, they help to act as a deterrent to slugs and such if sprinkled on top of the ground around the plants. My grandmother swore that they made her roses some of the best... they always did bloom awfully nice...

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