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Apr 16, 2014
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Southeast Missouri
I would be interested in seeing some pics or diagrams of the stalls/pens/areas you all use for assisting heifers/cows. I am wanting to build something a little better than I had to work with last year. My setup last year was a good sized pen in the alley of the barn. The way I contained them to sleeve and pull was either a good panel, chained on one end, then tied against her with a rope once I had her in there, or run her down the alleyway to the rear slide gate of the chute and a board behind her. The panel thing was not very solid and the alleyway didn't provide enough room. I'm thinking a head gate with panel on either side that will swing out 90 degrees, so the two panels and headgate will be in a straight line if she goes down and we need the pullers on her. I am looking for setup ideas.
Black and Good":1gnfe0ic said:
Here's my set up. The calving pen is made by a company called its awesome it is actually a sweep that opens up on all sides. If your working by yourself I believe its the best on the market. B&G

That's one I've been looking at. How does it work to ai in? I'd like to be able to use it more than just pulling calves. Well actually hope to never use it for that!
I understand that! LOL. I've never used it for yet but, I'm sure it would work just fine. It has a chain over top to hold a little squeeze on if needed. And the back side of the sweep opens as well. B&G

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