Buying some 4x4 rolls of hay

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Sep 22, 2018
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beauregard Parish Louisiana
My main hay man started having issue with his 4x5 baler last year so we baled a few 4x4 for me the cows really cleaned the hay up very little waste. He asked me if I'd be willing to buy more 4x4 rolls this year cause his baler still down waiting on parts so I got 32 rolls coming Friday for $960 delivered he told me a lot of his customers aren't wanting to fool with the 4x4 hay cause they bales are smaller I told him I'd rather the 4x4 anyways just for the simple fact of the cows cleaning it up better and a bonus also is at $30 a bale delivered it's worth that to me ti not have to hook up to my trailer with todays fuel prices