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May 9, 2013
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Upstate NY
Finally had some nice weather so the whole herd got the chuteworks today. Permethrin spray (we went straight from snow to flies); spring vaccines; udder and foot check by vet; tagged the calves and re-tagged a few that managed to get theirs off or faded...
AND had vet pregcheck one supposedly due in June but we saw the steer awfully interested in her last month. Yup, OPEN. She was pregchecked at 33 days last fall and must've lost it. (Vet did warn us that many get reabsorbed between 30-40 days but we were working the cows that day and thought it was best to go ahead and git 'er done). SO I guess she will go to sale barn unless I can find someone who wants her. Nice 7 yo, registered. Not her fault she didn't take on first AI round last fall. We watched her for heats but must've missed it.

Then we had one that was puzzling us the past couple days: due May 3 but udder was filling, sides looked a bit smaller, but no sign of calf, placenta, or mooing/looking for calf....Finally found the little bugger today. Had her well-hid, looks a couple days old. That makes us 3/3 on females. Yet again! We have gotten almost all females the past 5 years.

Anyway, busy day here. Also mowed some and fed them fresh green stuff. Happy cows, tired humans. Hope everyone else had a good day

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