bull calf born w/drawn up front hooves

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Jan 27, 2008
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My cow had a bull calf this morn both front hooves seemed drawn in towards its body one hoove worse than other just checked and the one less drawn is starting to sraighten out better; plus I vac cow 3-4 weeks ago for scours is that to short for transfer to calves for scours? Ive had 3 calves born in the last 3 days all seem well except for this last one. The calf is getting around ok just walks on its tippy toe with the bad front hoove! :compute:
I think you are talking about contracted tendons-by drawn up do you mean bent? Contracted tendons can be quite common, especially when the calf is large or is in an unusual position in utero. These usually straighten up within a few weeks, especially if he is trying to get around. Shouldn't be anything to worry about.
LoveMoo is correct. Sounds like contracted tendons - shouldn't notice a thing after a few weeks.
As far as your vaccine - you have to READ the labels. Vaccines have different time frame. But, I do know that if this is the first time you have used it, you probably need a BOOSTER. If it says to booster in 2 weeks or 4 weeks, than the first shot is USELESS without the booster. Wasting your time & money & scour vaccines are costly. Worth the money if you have a potential problem with scours.
There are so many new products on the market, I can't say for certain that it needs booster - there may be a new product not requiring it. BUT READ THE LABEL. You spent the money, might as well finish the job if they need another shot.
Thanks for info on bumble foot! As for vacine vet gave it didnt say I needed a booster, sometimes seems they forget to give you that info didnt think to ask, he wormed with pour on and vac for scours.
I would be checking with vet as to what he used & if you needed a booster.
If your cattle had been vaccinated previously with BOOSTER, than this years shot would be the "yearly" booster.
If each year you give one shot - and never gave the booster - than, as far as I know, it is worthless - other than it might make "you" feel better :lol:
Pretty much all killed vaccines are that way.

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