Breeding a few cows

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Apr 14, 2017
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If I only have a few animals (0-10) what is the best option for getting them bred? Would you just AI them? What is the percentage of them getting pregnant? Is that few of animals worth buying/renting a bull? What about letting them run with another guys herd for a month during the breeding season? Thank you for any suggestions.
:welcome: If you have the facilities and a good A.I. Tech available, that would probably be the most cost effective route for less than 10 head, and you could improve the quality of your calves the fastest. That would also save you the headache that a bull can be sometimes tearing up things and fighting/visiting with the neighbors cattle. If you had access to a bull you could lease that was health tested before putting him in with your cows that would work too. Either of those two routes would allow you to run an extra cow since you wouldn't have a bull running with the cows all the time.
I'd also have to agree with utilizing AI for the same reasons, especially if you have AI technicians readily available in your area. The quality of the calves would be my biggest reason, aside from the fact that a wandering bull is no fun for you, your fences, or your neighbor! :lol2:

Best of luck to you!

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