Boyd Ft. Knox

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Nov 6, 2016
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Trying to decide who to breed my registered hereford heifers to this fall. So far I keep going back to Boyd Ft. Knox just due to proven calving ease and what looks like perfect structure.

Does anybody have calves out of him?
I haven't seen anything out of him personally. What are your goals and intentions with any calves sired by him? The one thing that caught my attention in his performance pedigree is 19 progeny yearling measurements with an average 4.8 frame which is a little on the smaller side for my liking but it's not a huge sample size either. If you are going with a Select Sires bull you may want to take a look at BEHM Cuda. We got 4 heifer calves sired by him this year the first time using him and really like the looks of them. He's a good calving ease bull that has a lot of other desirable genetic traits as well. Will have some calves sired by him next spring again and I imagine we'll probably continue to use him some more going forward.
Thanks for the info. I'm still up in the air on who to use. I try to breed everything to make a better cow. Almost all of my AI work is maternally focused.

I have ABS, select sires, and Genex reps in my area so my options are pretty open.
Right now I'm leaning towards Revved Up from ABS.
My Ft. Knox calves were always dark red and pigmented, but their frames were too small. We chose to sell our Ft. Knox daughter we had in the herd because her frame was too small.
We have a son of Ft. Knox. At the sale we bought him at the auctioneer really talked him up as a sure thing heifer bull, and from what I can see of his sire's EPD's that should be the case. Our son of him though is out of a cow with a higher BW and lower CE, however his calves thus far have come ok and we did put some heifers with him that will be calving in 3-4 months. There are things I like and things I don't like about our bull. His feet and legs are good and has a real laid back disposition. His calves grow good and are stout made. It may come through the cow he is out of but some have had horns and are a lighter red than I like. A few of them almost look diluted like a Charolais cross or old time Simmental. Again that is from a son and not Boyd Ft Knox himself.
Good looking calves. I called my rep and he informed me that Ft. Knox has stopped being collected and there's not much semen left on him.
kentuckyguy said:
Good looking calves. I called my rep and he informed me that Ft. Knox has stopped being collected and there's not much semen left on him.

Thanks, I don't know if semen is still available on the sire of Boyd Ft Knox, Lambeau 17Y, he is through Genex and rated as a calving ease bull too.
I have some calves just being weaned out of him. Nothing super impressive. Bred him to some smaller heifers and didn't have any calving problem out of any of them but definitely aren't my biggest calves of the same age group/BW's. Mellow disposition. Good feet so far. Crossed with commercial and registered angus. Won't buy any more of him. Nothing to write home about for us.

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