Bottle calf show

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Jan 16, 2012
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Never heard of one before, but we added it to the lineup at our fair. You could bring your own, and a local gentleman offered free use of his to children that would come out and practice. Lotta fun. Even had a costume class. Any of you people that show.......yaw having/seeing any bottle calf shows.
We have a bucket calf class. Always has several entries. Was driving to a buddies house last night and the neighbor boy was out walking his last night with his Mom. It was giving them trouble so we stopped and helped them adjust the halter.
We have one in our county. It started out right, as a way to get the younger kids involved, and worked for awhile. Somewhere along the way it devolved into a costume contest, and now it has just about fizzled out - I think one or two entries a year the last couple of years.
I had never seen one. A new county agent suggested it. Ended up a lot of fun.

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