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Sep 29, 2010
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Here are some books that have been suggested to me over the last little bit:

1."The basis of linebreeding" by Jim lents

2." Man Must Measure" by Dr. Jan Bonsma

3." Man, Cattle, Veld" by Johann Zietsman

4." A Holistic Managment" by Allan Savory

If anybody has some tired old copys of these books that you would sell for a realistic price let me know. For the record, I dont think books are worth hundreds of dollars so its possible I will never see some of these. I did find a couple of them on Amazon.

Thanks to all who have sent private messages on the subject! Looking forward to some new material to read!

Also, check Project Gutenberg... there are quite a number of now out-of-print books that have been digitized and are online.
So far the library was no good. I do have a copy of Lents book coming my way, some lectures by Bonsma and a possibilty of obtaining Man Must Measure. I will check on the Guetnenburg lead.

Thanks all,

As of the last day of 2016 I now have a copy of "Man,Cattle,Veld" of which I am through with the "Man" segment and have started the "Cattle" segment. It is a interesting read so far and I am looking forward to reading it thru.

I also now have a copy of "The Basis of Linebreeding" but only for a few weeks, then I need to return it. Thats a long story, but the bottom line is I may have to read thru it before I continue on with "Man,Cattle,Veld".

I am still interested in obtaining the other books mentioned in my original post."Man Must Measure" seems to be rare at this point. So if you see one at a yard sale for $5 or something scoop it up for me.

Thanks again,


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