Bloody Discharge with no Plug?

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Mar 4, 2015
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Central Texas
I have a brangus angus cross that is due this week. 2nd calf heifer. Her first calf was a success. She has been bagging up for about 2 weeks and has been having clear discharge for about a week which I see all the time. I have been watching to see the bones on her legs widen and she looks like she is ready. She had a bloody discharge "string" hanging out this morning with no plug, and is acting normal. Never seen blood without a plug before. She ran a 104 fever 3 months ago so I was concerned about her aborting but we palpated a few weeks later and the vet said everything was normal. Any thoughts?
I would guess just capillaries bleeding a bit from being stretch and torn by her dilating
dun":17ja06n7 said:
I would guess just capillaries bleeding a bit from being stretch and torn by her dilating
Thanks, hope that it. this wouldnt be a sign of a dead calf would it? I sure dont smell anything but I havent seen the calf kick in a while.
Could be but I doubt it. If she starts acting strange glove up and check her out
Any update BK on calf? Born alive or with problems? Just curious and wanted to know for reference with ours. Thanks
Low birthweight brangus cross heifer calf. From a brangus bull I ran last year. Vet was almost 4 weeks off on palpation estimation. Glad this one worked out. Popped out like nothing. I had cut this cow down to just coastal mixed with tifton and minerals her last 2 months not being sure what kind of calves this bull was going to throw. One of these commercial had some brown in their bloodline, hoping she darkens a little when she sheds. Cant see it here but atleast her sire gave her alot of naval. She has been nursing great and made it through the hurricane healthy.
This picture was the day she was born.]

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