Big lump on a cows cheek.

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Jan 4, 2016
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Middle Georgia

She's my tamest Beefmaster but wouldn't let me look in her mouth to see what's going on. It's hard to the touch and a little sore, but not hot. Should I give her a shot or two of something or just leave it alone?
Vince, Fire Sweep had one just like that. Mulan, It was a foreign object in the gum next to a molar. I think they gave her an antibiotic. You should use a broad spectrum antibiotic. It is very difficult to examine inside a cow's mouth, I know you know that. Takes some effort.

Edited to add: this has one difference, it looks like the lump has a "pimple" for want of a better word, suggesting the foreign body came in from the outside or that is the "head" to the infection building up.
We get lots of lump jaw from the mesquite and pear.
If it's on the jaw bone but not boney I would Lance it and flush with iodine surgical solution and give penicillin.

If it's on just flesh with no contact to bone I would let it be.

If it's attached to bone sell her.

Lucky has helped me with this and recommends begnin neglect. Do nothing. But I believe I seen a soft lump attach to the bone over time. So I treat those on the jaw bone.

If it's attached to bone. You can tell .and she's condemned
We used have lots of trouble with it when we fed cotton burs.
If it's hard
IV sodium iodide and cone back and lance it.
Feeding iodized salt helps
Had one like that,, inserted a 6 gauge needle at the bottom, and let it felt hard to the touch at first from the swelling and fluid pressure... If you lance it this time of year I'd be afraid of screw worms...
Ron last week it was the same size without the pimple, I'm hoping it'll burst and go away. Thanks Fenceman, it's definitely not attached to the jaw. These cows aren't supposed to be coming back to my working pens for another 3 weeks.
Salt? That's interesting I screwed up and fenced them away from the mineral feeder a few weeks ago.
Had a heifer calf with a similar lump with what looked like a head or pimple. Benign neglect, eventually it popped (naaaaasty!). I would squeeze residual puss a couple times a day and pack it with Neosporin. That was 7 months ago and today you can't even see or feel a scar. Had one on a calf years ago that I wasn't able to catch and it did burst but without treatment she still has a hard scar (not visible). Only time I take them in to get an abscess lanced is if there's doubt whether it's lumpy jaw (sodium iodide IV) or in a weird place.

Side note: had a cow with a huge abscess years ago & took her to the vet. They already had a cow inside so used the outside chute. Incredibly windy day, prob 40 mph. Just as the vet lanced the abscess, which burst like a pinata, my husband yawned. And he was down-wind. Aaaaarrrrgggghhhh! And yet I couldn't stop laughing.
It looks like an abscess of some sort. Something as simple as a thissel, blackberry or other briar can cause it. Bring her in to the chute and lance it, squeeze out all of the puss that might be in it, and flush it out with chlorhexidine diluted in water (you can use a large regular-tipped syringe to flush it out). May need to flush it out a couple of times over the course of the next couple of days if there is puss
if she will let you. A long-acting antibiotic injection also may be in order.
I would definitely leave antibiotics alone at least until after it bursts out or you give it a good slash. Antibiotics before they burst will just slow the process and hinders the bodies natural process of ridding itself of unwanted foreign objects.

Lumps like that on the jaw from liver fluke is a new one on me CB, they may get bottle jaw with fluke but it looks a lot different to that.

ALACOWMAN":3g7g9k5s said:
Think y'all are talking about edema from heavy worm infestation....

Flukes can cause lumpy jaw along with a bunch of other stuff.
This runs the gamete

Bottle jaw is a soft, floppy swelling of the tissues underneath the jaw, which, depending on the cause, can respond if treated correctly. It may be caused by parasites such as worms or liver fluke, and also may be seen in cases of malnutrition, Johnes disease, anaemia, and heart failure. ... /lumpy-jaw
Simple lump jaw is just common bacteria that is in the ground and on virtually everything in the world.
It finds its way in usually through a wound. Why it's common in cattle grazing with lots of thorny vegetation or eating course stemmy hay.