Best place to buy Granular Fertilizer?

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May 8, 2017
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Hi All - I've got about 25 acres in Central Texas (North of BCS) with a mix of Bermuda and native grasses (and weeds of course). Just had a soil test come back recommending 55 lbs N, 20 lbs Phosphorus and 15 lbs Potassium per acre. I'm planning to go with granules because I already have a spreader and don't have a sprayer. Also heard that it's easier to mix to match the soil test.

Can someone please recommend the best place to buy the fertilizer and get the most bang for my buck?

I should also mention there are cows in the pasture already and it's not yet cross-fenced, so they will be out when I spread. The cross-fencing is my next project.


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