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Jul 5, 2012
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Copperas Cove Tx
Beryl is remnants of itself.

new one.
Gulf of Mexico...
An upper level cyclonic circulation center is near 29n88w, about
100 nm to the south of the Mississippi/Alabama border. Upper level
cyclonic wind flow covers the Gulf of Mexico from 24n northward.
A surface trough is along 85w/86w from 25n to 30n. Widely
scattered moderate to isolated strong rainshowers are in the area
of upper level cyclonic wind flow, to the NW of 21n97w along the
coast of Mexico to the Florida Keys. Scattered low level clouds
are from 24n southward between 81w and 87w. These clouds have been
moving northward from the NW corner of the Caribbean Sea, into
the se corner of the Gulf of Mexico.
The 85w/86w surface trough will move westward across the northern
Gulf waters, reaching the coast of Texas on Friday night. A
surface trough will move westward off the Yucatan Peninsula each
evening, and enhance nocturnal winds in the SW Gulf of Mexico
through Monday.

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