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I have a small farm, and want to maximize my production. I had thought to have a few breeding cows, and also some milk cows to take on the local dairy calves and sell at 3-4 months. I only have about 10-15 acres of pasture, and my kids have horses, so I only get about 10 acres for beef. Any advice?

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Ok right now is a bad time to start a herd your going to lose to much in depreciation in the cow. Wait until spring and buy a pair of dairy springers cows or heifers you can put their own calf plus 2 or 3 others depending on the cow. You can raise up to 8 calves on one cow over the course of a year. One more thing make friends with a neighbor and borrow or rent a bull don't mess with one of your own for less than 10 cows. Good luck Jake

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