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Dec 30, 2016
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Albert city iowa
So a little back story ... we had a steer that we purchased from a farm we had never bought before and since we got him he had a cough . So I had the vet out a couple times and after about 400 dollars later he still had the cough when he would run but no fever and was eating and drinking fine so vet said he would more than likely have the cough forever. Everything was ok but then we switched our hay from another farmer and maybe a couple days later he was bloated really bad and we had to stick him to relieve the pressure. He was fine for maybe 1 week then he bloated up again but not as bad but had to stick him again.. the last time we stuck him he got a 20 cc shot of baytril and he was ok for about 15 days then one morning we went out to do our feeding and he was on his side and barely breathing so we decided to put him down and salvage the meat we could. Now my question is I know the label says you can't slaughter meat before 25 days or so ...would you guys still be okay with eating this meat? We had the meat frozen for about 2 weeks then took it in to make some steaks and other varies cuts. Would hate to have to waste all the meat which was about 150 pounds and also all the effort and money we had into him. He was about 7 months old but was not very big
ahh no.but you can ask the pros or a vet 25 gives it time to do it job an sorta pass on .it only lived 15 days !it would still be in its system then you froze it.that im pretty sure dont count.but that would be my take on the story
Me, personally, I would not. The withdrawal being 25 days, and it lived for 15. Still in the system.
But that's what I would do. Others may feel differently.
No I wouldn't eat it. Guess you could salvage it for dog and cat food. I am allergic to penicillin and won't touch meat within 6 months of treatment with pen just to be on the safe side.
Thanks for the feedback everyone. I thought I had read somewhere that baytril residue wouldn't survive or be of much effect on the meat if meat was frozen and then fully cooked but can't seem to find the post anymore

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