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Aug 25, 2013
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The local Schools drops AR-15 raffle plan after recent school shootings...Instead, giving a gift card that can be used to purchase anything at Liberty Sports and Pawn. At the school board meeting last night some people went crazy over the gun raffle, so they changed it to a gift card.

I am buying tickets and if I win I will get the AR-15. ... 1011867964
kenny thomas":31rmivkv said:
I bought 10 tickets in December for a raffle of an AR to benifit the basketball team traveling to a tournament in TN. Will buy more.
I hope you win. Some people get all torn up over nothing. The wife of the doctor that complained was at the school board meeting at TW, got up and gave her speech about how bad for a school system to be raffling off an AR-15. I recon they tore her a new one. One guy got up and said if ol' doc would worry more about handing out Opium's and less about guns he would be better off. I recon everybody came unglued over that.

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