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Jun 12, 2012
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This picture came across my feed today. My son has gone hunting with a friend at church, since we know nothing about hunting ourselves. Anyway, he has buck fever, and has yet to get his buck or doe (he is 12). The guy taking him out has not got one yet either (he is just looking for meat for his freezer). I saw this and had to share it with him, telling him there are their bucks! I thought it was funny, but they did not!

This was the description below the picture:
Now this is a terrible tragedy. A fight to the death. When two great mature bucks become entangled with their antlers this is often the result. Apparently they were fighting in the woods when one buck knocked the other down with a tree between them They were found about 4 pm on Dec 1. 2016. Both bucks were over 200 inches.
I saw that on Facebook this morning. It was at the Apple Creek high fence ranch. Not "wild" bucks by any means.

There's a video on YouTube of some guys breaking apart a pair of bucks in a creek. One had already drown.