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I have a new indoor arena, and now need to learn what can help with the dust. I know water, water, water, but living in the north, it is difficult when the weather is freezing. I realize there are products out there that help with water absorbtion, and newer footing products. What has anyone used with good success?? WE really (cough, cough, cough) could use the help! Thanks

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Short of heating the arena above freezing level, and watering it got me on this one! There IS a product used in the landscaping industry called "Agrisoke" which are small pelleted water-absorbing material which holds MANY times its weight in water. Is mixed with soil. However, probably wouldn't work well below freezing in an arena. Don't know if one of the large "greenhouse" type exhaust fans (36" or 48" in diameter) mounted in an end wall would help....?
use any type of soil that contains a high percentage of organic matter, like turf, this you can keep dry, and it works sort of like a spring, so you can train your horses longer and harder without them having more problems with swollen legs.

what also works is shredded leather, but it's expensive.

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