Anyone Turkey Hunt Here

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May 28, 2011
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Western Kentucky
Just wonder what's everyone's favorite shotgun is. I'm just ready for some Spring Sunshine and Activities. Turkey Season being one I'm looking forward too. Had a Mossberg 835 that wasn't much count regardless of what choke or shell I used. Got a Remington 11-87 Sportsman Super Magnum with a Bone Collector Choke that does pretty darn good with most any turkey load.
I've shot them with my bow while hunting axis in SW Texas but I've never targeted them. I shoot a Berretta al 390 dove and duck hunting. I have a 835 but it shoots about a foot left so it stays in the closet.
I don't hunt, but live for taking the kids. They (and I) prefer my Stevens double barrel in 20 gauge. Only shoots 2 3/4 shells, but flight control wads through that thing are deadly out to 45 yards. Maybe further, but that's the limit we've shot to.
I bought a Rem 870 Super Mag SP when they came out maybe around 2000? It'll reach out further than necessary and comfortable for me to shoot. Minus the 3.5" kick.
I have an old 870 Express Mag that I bought from a pawn shop a few years ago. I've killed a couple birds with it.

Thinking about upgrading this year though.
Gonna try the Winchester sx4 this year along with their Longbeard shells. Used the longbeard s last year and they worked very well. April 16th.. can't wait
Get them close enough and almost any shotgun will do.

They eat at my wife's bird feeders in the back yard - have some pics of them less than 10 feet from the back deck. And they are often around the bins when we drop a little soy bean while loading the trucks.

Never shot one, but my neighbor came over and took one with his bow one time - it was about 20 feet from him - just outside the barn door and less than 75 feet from the house.

It tasted pretty good.

So many of them around here you have to be careful driving the back roads - hit one and you will do some serious damage to the front end.

Good luck with the hunt.
I got a Mossberg 835, one of the first ones they made, that's been a good gun and still is. I have killed a lot of turkeys with it plus coyotes. I even used it running deer with dogs and think its a good gun. Turkey I shoot 3 1/2 '' number 5 shot, coyote and other stuff I use 3 1/2'' OO buck and them are some bad shells.

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