Anyone for some grass fed beef???

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2.25 lb hanging weight
Just goes to show how many greedy farmers there are out there willing to gouge whoever they can.
But cook 'em low and slow and what little meat there is on the bone will fall right off.
An experience yes...'great'? To be determined.....

What mostly gets me about the ad is the "that are ready for processing" part. ...
Hope the buyer likes ribs, because that's about all they're going to get. More meat on a central Texas doe than the two of them combined. How could they be grass fed without any grass?
Where's the beef?????

A couple of half starved steins they'll make some fine eating.
and the thousands of idiots like this have ruined 'grass fed beef'... and they also ruin a lot of good raised beef from getting into the hands of consumers.

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