Any thoughts on this?

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Black and Good

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Dec 27, 2011
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Eastern Kansas
This Reg. Angus cow aborted in November and I don't think this was there at the time. But, now she's with the bull. Is this a growth or a festered up thorn? it doesn't seem to be bothering her yet. I wonder about calving?? You would know she was one of my favorites then the abortion and this all within months. :roll: Anyone think this could have caused the slip even though it wasn't present at the time? Thanks B&G

It looks like fat to me as well. Being open the last 6 mths and being a mature cow she will put on fat very quickly and you will see it in places you haven't seen before when she has the drain of a calf or pregnancy on her.

dieselbeef":2b2ntul5 said:
she hot? like in heat hot

I agree looks like fat. I also agree you could put her in the chute and just check it out. If it's hot it's not fat.
Thanks everyone for the honest input. I feel better about it now. I was thinking maybe fat cause its was on both sides but, not as large on the right side. Thanks again. With my luck lately stayed tuned for more issues. :roll: B&G

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