Angus Bull Comments and Critisism Appreciated

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Jul 10, 2007
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Well I guess it's time to give everyone else their chance. I have kudo'd or critiqued every bull posted here for 2 yrs. So now ya'll can get some payback.

I picked this bull out of approx 45 yearling bulls. I thought he offered the best balance of EPD's and phenatype. I don't consider him perfect by any means but I like his structure and disposition a lot and believe he will make some real good calves for me. Especially when bred to the Angus cow and the GV that I have posted here over the last 2 days.

He is a Jan22 2008 calf, out of a bull LCC New Standard. BW 82, BW EPD .3, and his Marb score was .34 @396 days, one of the reasons I wanted him for crossing on the GV's. He also had a PAP score of 39 (which means he can survive at any altitude) Which is VERY important, around here.



I posted both pics because it really shows how much a given pictur can influence oninions. The first he looks like he has good length but could use more butt. In the second picture he looks a little short coupled but like he has more butt. Tell me what you all think

Before commenting about your bull, I must present this caveat - again! Pictures LIE, and there is NO way that anyone can determine with a great deal of accuracy the total breeding value or lack of quality from any picture. It is an inaccurate guess - at best.

Now - to the bull: He has a FINE, breedy head, correct hair whorls on his face, broad muzzle (which is an indication of a gluttonous trait - fine for feedlot calves!), and adequate masculinity for his 18 months of age. He shows a great topline, good spring of rib and deep, full heart girth. He is deep bodied, has smooth well-blended shoulders into his mid-rib area, and appears to have a deep, full loin area. He has an optimal length of body - not too short and not too long. From his hook bones FORWARD, I can't fault him appreciably.

From his hook bones REAR-WARD, I criticise him for being cut up in the flank, being flat-hipped, lacking fullness over the top round area. His tail setting is too high for my liking, but there are those who will disagree with that assessment. It comes down to that "picture thing" again! His fullness does not carry down far enough in his gaskins, and his lower rounds don't carry the hindquarter fullness that I like to see on a 'soggy' bull. He does have adequate bone (which will get more thickness and masculine with age resulting from the production of testosterone and Nitrogen retention), and great scrotal size for his age. I can't see his feet and pasterns in these pictures

My overall opinion: He is a GREAT bull for your NEXT step upward. Your next big challenge is in the selection of your NEXT bull to breed to this bull's daughters, AND to breed to your current cow herd for the succeeding calf crop after your next one. That may take some real selection effort!

Thanks Doc I agree with your assment except for the carrying his muscle down the leg part.

One of the reasons I picked him was the length of the inside and outside gaskin muscle. here is a picture taken in May that shows it better.

Also I think it's kinda cool that you would remark on his propensity to be gulttonous. His ADG the last 30 days he was on test was 5.5. That makes it in anybody's feedlot these days. I believe overall he was around the mid 4's, and only because he was sick for a few weeks and had one month at 2.9, otherwise he would have finished the test real close to 5.


also here is his sire I believe his butt will grow more towards this as he matures


Here is a link to him at ABS ... o=29AN1609
If you look at the EPD"S on this bull, you will see why I chose his son. To me, he pretty much has it all.

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