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Jan 17, 2017
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I'm building a new alley way and I am doing a slanted alley what do my dimensions need to be? I have already built my tub and everything now working on my alley I really like the slanted alleys i have worked with but can not remember the dimensions for them. TIA
I always thought I'd want a sloped alleyway/working chute till I saw a bred cow go don in one that was all welded up permanent. They were working a big bunch of yearlings and a heavy bred got in the mix somehow. The cow slipped down, and every time she exhaled, she slipped further down in the V and suffocated before they could get a FEL up there and lift her up.
Vet was already there so did a C section but too late for the calf too.

Don't know if this will help you or not:

From: ... pter11.pdf
Thanks greybeard, I worked for a guy that had one he had where every section had a gate on one side so if that happened they could swing it open and get em out. I worked at one and the same situation happen and lost a real good bred because of it. I had already thought about putting gates on one side so that wouldn't happen just didn't know my dimensions. The article did help thanks.
28" here, lined with belting. I dont run anything thru it less than 3 or 400lbs. The odd one may turn, but no big deal to me. Big fat cows will squeeze thru it no problem.

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