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Jan 15, 2016
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The alfalfa in my hay and pasture land is getting thin and I would like to reseed to improve the forage quality.
I understand there is a certain toxicity that will prevent new alfalfa from growing.
Any suggestions to improve chances of success in overseeding the areas with new alfalfa?

I have access to a no till drill and do not want to kill or destroy the current vegetation.

Thank you-
Since you can;t increase a stand of alfalfa, have you thought about planting lespedeza or clover to thicken things up?
I was hoping some new variety had come out that could be planted in existing stand.

I read once that the toxicity had been pretty much been bred out over the years. But I don't know how accurate that was, and with the price of alfalfa seed I wouldn't want to experiment on too big of field.

With a no-till drill you should have quite a few options to increase yield.

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