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Oct 23, 2017
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Has anyone on here used him yet? I saw he was being used at Deer Valley but didn't see much with his progeny. Was curious if anyone had any experience with him yet.
I have not but a cattle friend has I believe and did flushes with him prior to Acclaims success. If you have FB, look up Carlson Cattle (Nebraska) and see if you can find photos on there. I don't have access to FB at work, otherwise I'd send you the link to their site or peruse to see if they actually had offspring yet. We place a lot of trust in Carlson when it comes to cattle and value his thoughts.

Really wanted to bid on some embryos but they went too high.
I have not used any of him but am planning on attending the Stevenson Angus sale next week and I know they have a few of his calves at the front end of their bull calves
You may want to check with your rep before you pencil him in, not available unless someone has him on the truck.
My guy has plenty of Acclaim. He said it was not an issue getting straws. I guess I better go ahead and buy some.
If he has it you better get it if your doing fall breeding, find out how much he has and let me know, I may buy it all KY right?
Apparently SS cant count or they don't know what they have on the bull!!!!!!
bse":3hkchvxh said:
If he has it you better get it if your doing fall breeding, find out how much he has and let me know, I may buy it all KY right?

I'll call him now if you want me to. He said there were a ton. I'm in Kentucky so I can make sure he gets it to you.
I just placed on order on Acclaim. I don't love him but thought I would pick some up in case someone I know needs or wants some.
This will get him some attention. I tried to post a link but I couldn't figure it out.
Yeah, I was there, went out just to watch those first two sell and take a look at them in person for he most part. Pretty exciting in the sale barn when it happened and I thought all 3 looked like good bulls. The scrotal EPD scares me a little, especially on the top one, but other than that look like they could be good bulls.
Lazy M":3355pjuh said:
Video on the bull. Not sure that I like the way he moves..

I thought the same thing. It isn't probably too fair to him considering the small pen. Why folks don't put them in a pasture and get them moving 15-20 yards plus is beyond me. I don't love 44 Farms bulls (but have several out of 7229) but they do a heck of a marketing job and video job.

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