4-H Exhibit Ideas?

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Oct 20, 2008
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My sister is an independent 4-H member and I am her leader. We have been given the responsibility of decorating/organizing the booth in the 4-H exhibit hall at our county fair that will hold the individual exhibits for all the independent members. We are trying to come up with a theme but nothing has really clicked yet. There will be a variety of projects (posters about beef cattle, cookies, photo albums, crafts, etc.) from members of all ages. Any suggestions?

Get all the local farmers and ranchers to loan the tools and small equipment they have built.

Most of the old timers would gladly brag on how they came up with the ideas and how they use it.

Most of the old folks beyond my generation made everything. I collect a lot of it and am personally fascinated with a lot of it. Even simple things. For instance they made their own needles to sew feed sacks. Seriously. I have watched my own grandad and my wife's grandad make needles on anvils. It wasn't the cost of the needle but rather the 20 mile drive to town and then 20 miles back. They could make that needle in about 10 minutes.

Some of those old items should be patented.

Home made post hole diggers made out of halved pipe will never wear out. There's no way store bought will ever compare.

People will be fascinated with the innovative and home made items and you'll be a hit. Plus you will get a bunch of old timers to smile and take pride in showing their wares.

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