2018 Pathfinder Report

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The 831RB; 811 and 907 have been top performers the 1226 was a surprise I knew she was making a good cow but didn't realize she had been as consistent as she has. She actually accomplished this feat pretty quick. We are planning to flush the 811 cow next year she just keeps doing such a great job. Her daughter out of Net Worth is following in her footsteps, we are using her 2016 bull out of Recharge natural service this year. 907 is just a great cow but doesn't maintain her body condition as well as 811 she has a Renoun bull calf at side that is a hum dinger, her 2016 heifer by Charlo is a visitor favorite. The 831RB cow is awesom she has great feet but we have had a few 5X25's with foot issues which keeps her out of the donor pen we have several of her daughters working in the herd all with excellent feet, so she may still make it to the donor pen but I want to be 100% sure before I flush one. The 1226 cow is out of a BC Matrix daughter we flushed, she was just a good cow, and 1226 shows me I made a good choice in flushing her mamma. I was surprised that 1046 a 831RB daughter hasn't made Pathfinder, she has been doing an awesom job, I went back and checked her records and two years ago her calf got really sick since they have to maintain production for three consecutive years it messed her up.

Congratulations. Hard enough to get one to average 105 with 3 or more calves, much less with the fertility hoops to jump thru. Got one that would qualify except her first contemporary group only had 4 calves in it. 7 calves at 107 366 day calving interval. she is a machine..

Your right that is the kind of cow that will make you money. The criteria they set for making Pathfinder sure doesn't make it easy to get one identified. I keep thinking different ones might make it like the 1046 cow but one hiccup puts them out of contention. I have a bunch that have come close but miss by a few days breeding back or a calf gets sick, like I said if they have a minor hiccup it's over. It makes you appreciate the ones that do make it even more.

Are you going to the Alabama Cattleman convention in Huntsville this year? The boss and I will be goin up on Friday and coming home Sunday.


We have talked about going but I dont know yet. Hoping by then all the cows could be out on grass so it is possible.

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