2017 Calving pics

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Jan 19, 2004
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Northeast Montana
Calving is going good now that it warmed up and snow is gone.. Calves are enjoying the sun and warm weather..

DDA Maddie 355 Reg: AAA 17784111 and her 82 lb. bull calf..

355 Maddie's bull calf.. He is showing off some of his royal heritage in his pedigree- as his maternal great grandmother-D D A Melisa 824 is one of the top herdbuilders of the Diamond D Angus ranch and is one of the cows written up in the Angus Legends cow volume..

L B B Celtic Beauty 401 Reg: AAA 17942803 and her heifer calf..

This is the mother of our Mary cow line- W C R Mary 845U Reg: AAA 16175571 and her bull calf . She comes in with a nice calf every year.. She has a WR of 108 on 7 calves- and we have about a dozen of her daughters, or granddaughters in our herd..
Her last years calf was one of those bought by Larry Roberton of Opheim and should make him a good heifer bull..

One of the heifers - LBB Katherines Lass 508 Reg: AAA 18194095 and her 80lb bull calf..
lithuanian farmer":15wyh5of said:
Nice photos and cattle. Looks like a warm day! Wish we had more sun. The weather forecast shows rain for the whole next week...

Except for a week in mid March when it was really nasty we've had pretty fair weather... The southern and western part of the state is having a snowstorm but up here along the border weather isn't too bad- temp near 50 and windy..
gizmom":205zy8ll said:
Fine looking group of cattle as always OT. Love the depth of body and udders on your cattle.

I agree with what Gizmom stated and also like that they have a little stretch to them. I see too many Herefords and Angus that they are compacting too much for my liking.

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