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  1. Ryder

    The US dollar is crashing.

    That debt clock is an eye opener. I have a hard time conceiving of those numbers.
  2. Ryder

    A great man

    Today (Jan. 19) marks the birthdate of Gen. Robert E. Lee. A noble and honorable man.
  3. Ryder

    Hello from North Alabama

    Jeanne was sure right about cattle getting sick or injured. Cattle can also be unruly at times. They seem to cause the most problems at night when it is cold and raining. Some of the best advice I ever heard was "If you want to get somewhere fast, you must learn to go slow." Best of all to...
  4. Ryder

    Georgia run off today.................

    I fear so, or worse.
  5. Ryder

    The US dollar is crashing.

    Gold, silver shares which usually outperform the actual metals. Might want to keep an eye on platinum.
  6. Ryder

    The US dollar is crashing.

    Yes. Now or at least pretty soon.
  7. Ryder


    Back in the day man and woman was something aspired to and earned or developed. It was not automatic. Ex. He is a real man, vs. he is not much of a man or no account of a man. Similar for a woman / lady. Anybody else remember those times before political correctness?
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    41 magnum vs 44 magnum

    Can't help but wonder about that boy?
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    Jogeephus Anybody know what has become of Jogeephus? He hasn't been on in some time. I always looked forward to his posts.
  11. Ryder

    Fenceman/ Farm fence solutions

    Now I am confused. :???: I thought it was left hollow to cut down on weight.
  12. Ryder

    New Guy

    Put your location in the avatar space on right side. Sure nothing wrong with the Brimmer x Hereford cattle. What kind of dogs you raise?
  13. Ryder

    So I started walking every day . . .

    Pay more attention to the time you walk, not just the distance. One program I am familiar with is start by walking 15 minutes every other day the first week. The second week add another 5 minutes every other day. Work up until you are walking an hour every other day. This is part of the program...
  14. Ryder

    Self identifying as an animal!!!

    A female veterinarian I know said she was teaching her young son that animals had as much right on earth as he did. What would that do to the food chain model? I don't know if she dresses him with a tail or not.
  15. Ryder

    Fixing to get rough on my hill

    I think JW is in the New Roads area which is North of I10 and Just west of the Miss River. That is a long way from the coast. He will be alright.