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    Polled Hereford Bulls

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    new hereford herd bull pics

    I think I've got you beat, I'll only make one step forward and ten back. :roll: Good looking bull.
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    Looks vs Performance - unexpected new calf (pics)

    I'll bet Irrigation on his "to do" list ;-)
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    Mr. Hereford 11X

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    New prospects

    Didn't see anywhere you were asking for comments Aaron, but I'll give them anyway. :lol: I think the first and third calves pictured are two of the better ones you've posted pictures of. It would have been nicer if the first calf had a little more length to his hip, would have made him look a...
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    Bull calves video

    I washed and blow dried them before I made the video. ;-) :) No rain and the grounds been frozen solid for 6 or 7 weeks, we'd have to move someplace else to get dirty this time of year. Thanks for the other comments everyone.
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    Bull calves video

    Thanks Dun, tried it twice, I was just about to delete the post because it didn't work.
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    Bull calves video

    Trying out a new video camera, this is two short clips joined together. Nothing special just the calves having a little fun. Calves are around 9 months old, weaned no creep, now getting 5 lb's each sweet stock and some pretty good quality orchard grass hay. Oh, and mineral. ;-)...
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    Schaff Angus Valley pre-weaning pics

    Simply put the use of AI sires is how they take the environment out of the epd calculations. So when breeders around the country buy semen on a bull from say Schaff Angus, after taking all other data from the breeders who use the semen (management, dams epd's, blah, blah) the differences in...
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    Young Hereford Calves

    I really like both the heifers and the 19W bull calf, don't care much for 18W. Long ways to go yet though.
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    Bought a bred heifer yesterday (pic)

    :nod: :)
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    Bought a bred heifer yesterday (pic)

    Here's a link to an old thread where some pics were posted from a visit to Lents place.
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    Pics of 3027 daugthers wanted

    Thanks, they had some good looking stock from most sires they were using.
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    Pics of 3027 daugthers wanted

    Anybody have pics of daughters of UPS Domino 3027 or could point me in the right direction of some. Thanks
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    Fall 2010 Herd Sires

    Decent cow, we need to see more Herefords out there with her type of udder on them, nice. :clap: