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    Other interests

    Just ta keep the brain cells alive winter time fool around with building pc's or anything electronic. I'm the neighborhood tecky round here. Gardening and growing anything I can just ta see if it will above the 64th parallel. built new amd rysen 5+3500 last feb, hard ta get parts rite now tho
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    The questions people ask

    I get those ?? all the time. Answer is more then I can handle mate. On the "how many cows?" a few too many leaves them starry eyed
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    You folks ever here of #1 fuel or kerosene? I start my loader and skid steer to plow driveway and move round bails at 15 below. Use tank heats and belly pan 100w heats plus 9-1-1 to keep ice from forming in tanks.
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    Calf sucking

    I keep colostum on hand just for this prob. My calves are almost always born outside in the corral and if they don't get up riteaway I heat up a quart of colostrum and get it down him/her fast usually while moma is passing after birth so I don't have to climb a tree <grin> This gives the calf...
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    I am getting a much better response

    I agree Dave, wanna b's r even up north where I am. Last fall a coup[le stopped in during slaughter/butcher time, you should have seen their eyes bug when I handed large chunk to the fella, would not even touch it. They came for a pickup load of my compost, wore cowboy hats too
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    Calf drown

    Gosh you guys flatter me and I appreciate the kind words. I live in the past, Nov I turned 82 and still think 81 <grin> Been doing this all my life and yep 6 kids never gave me any lip either, 3 boys and 3 girls. Hey Silver in my slack time I build computers too!!
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    Calf drown

    You mite be speaking 'bout me, eh? #0 below here tonite, 40 below Saturday nite. I only raise couple dozen Angus a year now, cut way back and sold 160ac. after reaching 81yrs. I use 100 gal rubbermaid tubs and spray foam them. Place 1,500 wat submers heater on stat and they work good for...
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    calving time and nutrition

    We try for late March thru April calving here in the interior of Alaska. Even so it's sometimes bitter cold or wet snowing weather. Tricky for sure. Reason is by greenup the cows and calves get the best grass early. I like to band bulls in October weaning time, they don't seem to hurt a bit...
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    Wintering cattle in cold climates

    Water is the cattleman's cheapest feed, watch their stool and if like a brick give um water. Up here 12" snow=1" water go figure
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    A little feeding project.

    I see nebys out here now and then, all say something like "back home we did that this way" soon they burn out and move along
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    hello from West Central Illinois

    You are welcome here for sure, just ask and some expertise is on the way
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    Wintering cattle in cold climates

    We see 40-50-even 60 below zero F here in the interior of Alaska. Have small barn 8ft ceiling insulated if needed for various reasons. They do alrite just put junk hay or straw out.
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    Zip Bandit

    I've used California bander for years, never a problem banding 600lb bulls in fall here. Just pull straight away towards bulls head before wrapping around to the clip
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    Curious about hanging weight

    Amen to that
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    What main stream media leaves out

    True words, everyone should have a copy and send to their friends that are narrow minded. Just mite get the gears grinding, eh?