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    need some answers

    A neighbor farmer's cow calfed and layed for 2 days before he realized the cow had no milk, so he comes over looking for milk replacer. Then he says he is going to take the calf to the sale barn cause he don't want to mess with it..bottle feed and so on. So I suggest he bring it to the...
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    how much milk replacer

    Just how much milk replacer should a 3 week old calf get? Also he is eating calf starter plus drinking water. Currently getting 1.5 galons of replacer a day now, half a gallon 3 times a day
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    Bull Fertility

    we bull test every year... never heard of blowing out pipes?? If he is good... he is good, low count probably use him to clean up, but I'd be leary of his full potential, our bulls test out in the 90's that's quite a difference, can't take a chance on open cows, that's a huge loss of profit...
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    Limi-Shorthorn cross

    yes we have and we have no problems, we have a reg. limo bull and he has bred 4 shorthorn cows, they are all red with a patch of white on the chest and belly and have a white tip on the end of their tail, the neighbor girl is taking one of these to 4-h show this year he was born last april and...
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    Tag numbers

    we use blank tags, all cows are in sequence, calves get the same number as the momma plus the year, such as cow 50 her calf is 50-6 heifers get white tags bulls get blue easy to spot, these go in the left ear when we wean they get their EI tags in same ear above this tag and further back in...
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    cow down don't know why

    update on cow down....ended up callin the vet...lot of good that did, she never came...getting pretty sick of these independent birds, thank God for neighboring farmer, we took the calf....but lost the cow....pretty much was the decision anyway. Big 90 lb. bull calf, he figured it looked...
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    cow down don't know why

    we argued the point of calling the vet right away, figured she was some stressed and all..we all are stressed figured fist thing in the a.m. vet would be easier to get ..she is laying up normal head is not laying over to any side
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    cow down don't know why

    here's the deal..older cow she goes down today, won't get back up, she is preg., not due for a few weeks yet, we tried to get her up no go, she appears bright and responsive, not the staggers. she had a great calf last spring which is going for 4-h show in a couple of months, as i said she is...