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    Discharge 3 days after heat, day after bloody show

    Maggie was coming in on Monday, Harley jumped the fence and I'm pretty sure I caught it just as it happened. She didn't stand, but I waited anxiously for some sign that she didn't get bred. Too early. Yesterday she had bloody show, not a lot though. .. My vet thought last month's bloody...
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    "Best" age to castrate bull calves?

    Just a note, the reason they say there is no benefit to waiting for bulls to grow before castration, is that the older they are when it's done, the more they lose and slow growth, more risk of infection, more signs of pain, (high cortisol), longer recovery, and high death risk. Castrating...
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    Changing feed type

    Dude is finally up to 3 lb a day, I don't have a way to creep feed them so he's fed after nursing and just wasn't that interested. They all look good except the baldy, I bought her in bad shape, she's already looking much better, losing the potbelly and putting on some meat. Maggie is...
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    Changing feed type

    Hi, I'm New here, but I've got a question, I've got 5 head in varying stages of growth, age, and productivity. Maggie 3 yr old dexter nursing dairy Angus calf, getting 2 lb 20%cubes tad Dude,3 month old maggies foster, nursing and given 2 lb 12%creep tad,but isn't eating much of it and...