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    Contracted tendons/ Lax tendons/ Crooked Calf Leg

    I cringe to think about this. If that milk has been mixed as weak as it seems from these last couple posts, THAT is why the calf isnt doing well. Hoping for a clarification b4 long.. Perhaps a picture of the back of the bag of milk with feeding instructions. This is my milk I'm using...
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    I'll be working no matter what day it is.... lol My grandmother always says, "its the thought that counts"
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    Contracted tendons/ Lax tendons/ Crooked Calf Leg

    Every milk replacer I've used is 3 cups to 2 qts. ... Better check your label for correct mixing instructions! Agree. DONT mix more than directed. They wont digest it right!
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    So tiny! Why?

    Hope to hear/see pic in about 5, 6, or 7 months. Glad hes doing good!
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    Think she will make milk?

    So thing 3 has 2 mamas. He was nursing Bessie yesterday with his 2 siblings. Lol Caught him with Rowdy gurl and her heifer again today. Maybe he will grow a bit better now. Rowdy makes plenty. I've always thought enough for 2 calves. If I catch Rowdys heifer on Bessie I'm a crack the hell up!
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    One other thing I'd add. Used to be Lincolns birthday was celebrated on it's own. It was widely accepted that one of the reasons was for his achievements including abolishing slavery. When they combined birthdays, and called it Presidents Day, I think that took something away and sort of erased...
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    And that is also a great possibility on both sides of the fence... Sad, but true, no matter the facts surrounding it.
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    Biden - Putin Summit

    Biden fits the description of a post turtle perfectly.
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    I try to stay outta this crap but... I think it's long overdue! Yes, those were different times. But quite a scar on our great nation. I'm all for something that may help heal the wounds of the past. It's a great day to stop and remember what so many great people did for this country to achieve...
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    269 New Holland. It lives!!

    I'm already wondering how much that 50 year old belt is gonna cost.. I've never been much on paint and polish, but I caught myself wondering what it would like all painted up nice. Yeah... gotta be careful!
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    269 New Holland. It lives!!

    Ope.... Sure is easy to lose count when ya load em yourself.
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    It’s greening up

    We enjoy a good burn occasionally too... Wheres that lil fire bug, @FarmerShell ?
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    Jesus! What a gruesome sight. I hope to never see such a thing. Was talking to an older gentleman today. He had the rear door come open on his trailer. Like 14 animals went tumbling out. By the time he got stopped, all but 2 had fell out. Amazingly most survived. All but 2 big cows I think he...
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    269 New Holland. It lives!!

    I know that's right! Fella bought these 2 boxes of wire for me in exchange for baling and hes throwing I some bales for me too. Mainly I wanted to get it going. Another friend has some amazing Bermuda. I wanna help get it put up right this year. Most bales came up very good. Theres an...
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    Our thoughts are with you gal. Be safe and remember to stop and take a breath occasionally.