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    NJW 160B 028X HISTORIC 81E ET

    I haven't used him yet. Plan on using him now though after what i have seen and heard. I love the females out of him. They are on the high moderate frame side and have great appeal and are well put together.
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    calf scour bolus

    Sustain III is what we use for bad cases. Terramycin is what we use when we catch it early and is not bad.
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    Bull throws 75% female calves

    Our bull was 75% male his first three breeding seasons and has been 75% female his last two. It gets us a nice variety. He'll probably sire many more boys just about the time folks want replacement heifers from him.
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    Show your calf pictures.

    Nice looking calves!
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    Bull or Steer

    If you are raising feeders, steers are much better. Would you be raising the bulls to sell as feeders or breeders. Depending on how they are bred, bulls can be hard to sell for breeders also depending on your region. You have more options with steers depending on your operation. You can sell...
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    Stunted bull

    I agree with Ken. I would bring him home and feed him a while and see if he turns into what you want. Make sure he is the type you'd want to sire calves for you. Structure and phenotype are most important when selecting a bull. I would make sure that this is the type of bull you would want...
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    2021 calving!

    Calf looks good Nesi. Have to love good technology that helps in situations like that. Hope it starts to warm up for you!
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    More photos

    Nice cattle. Really like the looks of your cleanup bull.
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    Cow won't breed

    Forgot to post an update for this cow. She showed heat again three weeks later. We had vet come out for a possible ovarian cyst. Vet checked her and said she was actually pregnant! She is a few months bred to the herd bull. She continued to show heat signs. Thankful for a best case scenario...
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    ILR Red Power

    I saw Red Power in person several times. Overall liked the calves. The daughters I have seen always seem to have good udders. Another option I would consider for heifers is NJW Historic 81E from Select Sires. His usage seems to be increasing and reports on his calves are they are quite stocky...
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    Boyd Ft. Knox

    My Ft. Knox calves were always dark red and pigmented, but their frames were too small. We chose to sell our Ft. Knox daughter we had in the herd because her frame was too small.
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    Cow won't breed

    Can cystic cows still show heat? Because she is riding everyone in the herd.
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    Cow won't breed

    I have a five year old cow on great body condition. Raising a great calf. She was So and didn't take (not a huge deal) 3 weeks later the bull inseminated her. 3 weeks later back in heat. 3 weeks later another heat. She is only cow who is still open as bull already bred everyone else. Any...
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    Bull with lump at injection site

    The bull was showing signs of acquiring pinkeye, so I gave him LA 300 sub q at the same time I also gave him 7 way IM in the neck as well. He was restrained in a squeeze chute and we did massage the neck. Hardest part was accessing a good area of the neck to give the shot as it was mostly...
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    Bull with lump at injection site

    Just curious if it usually goes away or if it stays around for a while. Thanks Kenny.