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    Small scale solar

    I've sent you a PM with places you might try to get your transfer switch. I'll send more info Monday. So after you get this info is it OK for me to go away?
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    Small scale solar

    Backhoe, you have no clue what you're talking about, do you? Lets take the solar panel first. The panel you show is an 18 watt panel. What that means is that it will only supply approximately 1.5 amps of charge current for a few hours on a good, bright day. That is if it lasts for more than a...
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    Small scale solar

    Maybe you should but then you'd probably get sued for stating something you can't produce. Here's a link for a "wholesale" solar panel supplier. You will notice the price for solar panels range anywhere from $.87 per watt up to way more than a dollar per watt...
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    Small scale solar

    This is the best suggestion I've heard so far. No generator and no expensive solar panels. And if you don't mind manually making the change over when you lose power then you won't need a relay either. You will need to determine your battery size based on how long you expect to be without power...
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    Small scale solar

    I should have never opened my mouth. 1. A solar panel outputs DC (direct current). Your incubator requires AC (alternating current). You CAN NOT power an AC appliance with DC - period. 2. You CAN NOT power your entire house with a generator costing $6K or at least not a new generator...
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    Small scale solar

    Slick, what size (in Watts) is your incubator? The reason I ask is because, as Dun said, the generator might be the cheapest way to go. When you start talking solar the cost goes up exponentially with size. For example, you can buy a 100 watt inverter (converts DC to AC) for about $75. A 1000...
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    Must be global warming - wait, you said it's snowing. :lol: My cattle have stopped eating hay and are eating green grass.
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    Never too old to learn

    Sky, your coupon welds look very acceptable to me. Stick? 7018? Dig around there and see if you can find a good, dry 6013 and do the same weld and send me a picture. I think you will find the welds turn out looking like they were poured on with good penetration. Looks to me like you just needed...
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    Pigeon Forge

    No sir, not sure it's still dry. It's been 20 years since I was in Pigeon Forge. A lot can change in that time.
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    Daily Joke

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    LED shop lights

    That shouldn't happen at all. Depending on how the LED's are powered there shouldn't be anything to make noise. If they used a transformer in the power supply (step down transformer) then the laminations in the xformer are loose. Shouldn't have to use a transformer.
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    Harvester ants

    I think you're right, CB. We have an Entomologist living down the road from us and he says that red harvester ants don't sting but that's BS. Mine sting - and hurt like hell.
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    Blue Bonnets

    :lol: :lol: You're right, he ain't. But it is a "Blue Bonnet". Good one, HD.
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    Never too old to learn

    I was about to say I never had any problem welding aluminum - or stainless. I think a person can learn aluminum welding in about 30 mins. You need a MIG and a spool gun and the right type of shielding gas. Just need to learn to stop and move on about 3 seconds before you think you've got it...
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    Pigeon Forge

    Second time I've heard the name "Pigeon Forge". First time was a few years ago we stayed there for a race at Bristol. Now you mention it. Pretty country but dry. Had to drive 30 miles to get a beer.