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    Fort Worth?

    We will be up there for the Junior Breeding Beef show the 22nd through the 25th. My Daughter has a brahman heifer she is showing.
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    unusual coyote carcass

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    Where else is she planning on visiting? Is it just a holiday or for work?
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    Rest in Peace- Randy Rash

    I read on another site that the enterment and that part of the deal was going to be private and at their home. I kind of got the impression they have a private gravesite on their ranch.
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    How do you get a cow poop stain out of clothes

    I agree. Thats pretty dang funny!
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    Cost of Premium Feeds

    We have been feeding the Acco Show Heifer Developer since February. It has gone up $0.20 in that time frame to $11.50 a bag.
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    Halter breaking?

    We have a Brangus heifer that I have been fighting for a while. She is pretty calm but when I walk her she kind of pulls her head down towards the ground. She seems to do better for my daughter. She gives me no trouble when I tie her up. And she does pretty good when I tie her up and wash her...