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    Banding Problem?

    This is the worst of all commercial steers-red and half-low line (Aberdeen). 5 months old, cut 2 1/2 weeks ago. Mama is Brangus, apparently red gene carrier. He barely has started taste-testing feed-all mama and grass so far. I’ll take a bunch more like this.
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    What in the world, never seen these before

    I would think only for a going to town cow...
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    Phenotype opinions wanted

    Or bad photoshop?
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    Help with registering Angus

    Expensive mistake. Shame on him as a breeder for misrepresenting (lying about) the registration piece.
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    Help with registering Angus

    Most registered animals get a permanent ID tattooed in their ear-specifically assigned based on owner registration and herd ID,. Tags are not permanent. Sort of like a Bangs tattoo done by the vet, but specific criteria from the association. Sounds like you have nice commercial heifers. If you...
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    Grind into burger

    I thought mad cow was only a spinal cord issue, not marrow...🤔
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    Help with registering Angus

    For some breeds, the owner of the dam at time of birth has to submit the registration. You may be able to do all the legwork for him, but he may still have to agree to let you use his name to register and tattoo. Hope that isn’t the case for you.
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    Post-cutting question

    Just an update-got him in the alley to take a closer look again yesterday, sprayed some alumishield wound coating on him. Looks like he drained overnight, scrotum is smaller, he looks a lot more comfortable. Thanks for the reassurance!
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    Beef Butchering Forum

    Has to do with mad cow. Spine is removed after 30 months (they look at cartilage calcification). T bones are out, but filets and strips are still good
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    Post-cutting question

    Thanks. Wanted to sell him as a bull, but no takers, so steak he shall be.
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    Post-cutting question

    We had a 4 1/2 mo old calf cut on Wednesday. He had a little extra bleeding on one side, so the vet tied that vessel off. Used the “clamp and black and decker” spin-off method to remove the testicles. Tied up one hind leg during procedure. Calf has never been a super-bouncy dude, generally laid...
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    Banding Problem?

    Cut day is coming up for us and of course, flies are worse this year than ever. How do you keep them off a rotting scrotum until it falls off??
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    Caught 3 in a dog bowl with water in it-plain old water. Guess they were thirsty. Couldn’t get back up the steer sides on the inside of the water bowl.
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    A lot of it!
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    Dang.... that was hard to do.

    Wish there were more direct to packer facilities that would buy them, rather than putting them through the sale barn