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    Blocking Spam Calls on Cell Phone

    I did an internship with MBNA (now Bank of America) in Cleveland while I was in college. Part of our internship was telemarketing credit cards. I had a call where several people we’re having a conversation about murdering someone. They didn’t say “hello” in the beginning it just picked up. It...
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    Crawford Guarantee 9137

    Anybody use him yet?
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    Higher prices !

    I can speak directly on the chips as I work with class 8 truck dealers every day. From what I’ve read/heard 86%of all the worlds computer chips come from South Korea and Taiwan. But all the precious metals used in manufacturing come from China. It’s a major issue in my industry. Freightliner and...
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    Higher prices !

    In the past month I have heard or drastic price increases and shortages on the following: steel, rubber tires, pvc pipe, ketchup (yes ketchup), lumber, glass, extruded insulation panels, computer chips, and lumber. WTF is going on!!!
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    Rental houses

    I couldn’t agree more. We were looking to sell our home almost 9 years ago. We were under water on it by about $10-15k and had already bought a new home. We had it listed for 6 months with no offers. We went 3 months with 2 mortgages and I decided to rent it out. I put an add on Craigslist and a...
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    Dragging Pasture Fields Yea or Nay

    I plan to start spreading some well composted manure on our hay ground this year and was planning on dragging it with a homemade tire drag to work it in.
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    Putting power back in the Powerstroke

    I’m assuming it was leaking at the turbo?
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    Putting power back in the Powerstroke

    Thanks guys. I’ve been told by a few people the Hydra Chip works really well on a stock 7.3 as well. Just wonder if I need to go to a bigger exhaust to keep EGTs down?
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    Putting power back in the Powerstroke

    I’m needing to put some power back in my 7.3. It’s an early 99 model F350 crew cab dually with 253k on it. It’s factory other than a cold air kit and has a rebuilt trans in it with less than 40k on it. It’s currently a gutless wonder but I really like the truck and I plan on keeping it for at...
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    We gave our oldest $20 when she lost her first tooth. Found her a few days later trying to yank out another one that wasn’t ready because she wanted $20 more. We’ve dropped it back to $5 now to avoid any more incidents lol
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    Covid - good news

    Yeah I was at the OH Beef expo this weekend and almost NOBODY was wearing a mask. It was glorious. Shaking hands like the old days and it felt great!
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    Power Chip vs Unbelievable

    Makes sense. I like his looks as much as his EPDs. Although I would really like more docility. Do you have any calves on the ground out of him? Really curious to see more of his daughters.
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    Power Chip vs Unbelievable
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    Power Chip vs Unbelievable

    I wanted to hear others thoughts on these 2 bulls. I have a second calf Angus heifer I want to use 1 of these bulls on. Having a hard time deciding. I like both of them a lot
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    Thanks all. I checked her over and put some Terramyocin in there. It’s got a lot better so I’m assuming she just got poked. She’s got her head in the hay all the time like her mother lol